Repair and Rebuild

Jewelry Repair and Heirloom Rebuilding Services

At The Ring Company, we believe that every piece of jewelry has a story, a soul, and a heritage that deserves to be preserved and cherished. Beyond crafting custom dreams, our expertise extends to the delicate art of jewelry repair and the thoughtful process of rebuilding old heirlooms. Whether it’s bringing a cherished piece back to its former glory or reimagining it into something new, our artisans are at your service.

Expert Repair Services

Jewelry, over time, can show signs of wear, or become damaged. Our comprehensive repair services are here to ensure that your beloved pieces are not only restored to their original beauty, but that their integrity is strengthened for the years to come. From restringing pearls to fixing clasps, resizing rings to repairing broken chains, our skilled technicians approach each task with the utmost care and precision.

Heirloom Rebuilding & Transformation

Heirlooms are treasures that carry generations of memories and emotions. However, styles change, and sometimes, a piece may not reflect your personal taste or fit your lifestyle. Our heirloom rebuilding service invites you to reimagine these precious items. Whether it’s utilizing existing diamonds in a modern setting, or completely transforming an old piece into something entirely new, our designers work closely with you to honor the legacy of the original piece while infusing it with a new vision.

How it Works

Process Tailored for Renewal


Share the story of your piece with us. Whether it's in need of repair or you envision something new, our journey begins with understanding its history and your desires.


Our experts carefully assess the condition of your jewelry, determining the best course of action for repair or rebuilding, always with the aim of preserving its essence.

Design & Craftsmanship

For rebuilds, we collaborate with you to design a new embodiment for your jewels. Our master jewelers then meticulously bring this vision to life, ensuring a seamless blend of old splendor with new brilliance.

Revival & Reveal

The final step is a moment of celebration - unveiling your restored or transformed piece, ready to be loved and lived in once more.

Why The Ring Company for Repairs and Rebuilding?


We honor the history and emotional value of your pieces, striving to preserve their essence, whether through repair or rebuilding.


Our team comprises skilled artisans who are adept in the latest techniques and technologies, ensuring precision and excellence.

Personalized Service

We understand the intimate connection between you and your jewelry, offering a one-on-one service that respects and cherishes this bond.

Quality Materials

From ethereal diamonds to vibrant gemstones, we source only the highest quality materials, ensuring that your custom jewelry is not only beautiful but lasts a lifetime.

Transparent Process

We believe in transparency every step of the way. From initial consultation to final creation, you’ll be involved and informed, ensuring the final piece is exactly what you dreamed of.

A piece of jewelry is more than metal and stone;

It’s a narrative of love, an heirloom of memory. At The Ring Company we’re dedicated to preserving these narratives, transforming and restoring them so they can continue to be part of your story. Reach out to us today to breathe new life into your cherished pieces.