The Mobile Consultation Center : Introduction

Experienced Since 1945

Welcome to The Ring Company

Where we revolutionize the experience of creating custom fine jewelry  and the jewelry shopping  experience so its doesn’t have to be stuck between four walls or confined to endless scrolling online. 

Here's the shiny gist of who we are and what we do

Revolutionary, but Make It Sparkle:

We’re not your grandmother’s jeweler. Unless your grandmother envisioned a world where fine jewelry comes knocking on your door in a fully customized, modern renovated RV. In that case, kudos to grandma – we’ve brought her vision to life. We bring the bling to you, reinventing the jewelry game one diamond at a time.

Custom Creations Galore:

From the whispers of ‘Will you?’ to the declarations of ‘I do,’ and all the ‘just because’ moments in between – if you can dream it, we can craft it. Diamonds, gems, and everything that sparkles, tailored just for you.

The Full Spectrum:

Engagement rings that scream ‘forever’, wedding bands that whisper ‘I do’, tennis bracelets that dazzle onlookers, necklaces that speak volumes, earrings that catch every light, and pendants that tell your story. If it glitters, it’s in our repertoire.

Convenience Meets Personal Touch:

Why trek to us when we can roll up in style to you? Our mobile studio brings the luxury, the options, and the expert advice straight to your doorstep. Custom service without the customary hassle.

Lifetime VIP Treatment:

Think of us as your jewelry concierge for life. Best customer service? Check. Service that sparkles as much as our products? Double-check.

Caught your interest?

Think of this as the ‘Coles Notes’ on luxury jewelry shopping – except way sparklier and with a touch of humor. Dive deeper into our world where convenience meets luxury, humor meets service, and you meet the perfect piece of jewelry that’s been waiting just for you.

Our Value

Begin your bespoke jewelry journey

With just a call, email, or text to schedule an appointment at our Vancouver or Port Coquitlam offices, or let our mobile studio come directly to you. During your visit, our professional consultants will collaborate with you to capture your vision and take your ‘order.’ To ensure your piece is exactly as you imagined, we offer wax prototypes for your approval. Once you’re completely satisfied, we’ll proceed to meticulously craft your perfect piece of jewelry. Then, all that’s left is the exciting moment when your custom creation arrives, marking the culmination of a truly personalized experience.

Let's Make Something Beautiful, Valuable and Memorable

Exceptional design meets Exceptional service – where ever and whenever -we’ll see you soon